Our Why


Our Vision

Startup NB is a volunteer entrepreneur-led organization that supports the development and success of startup entrepreneurs throughout NB.  

It serves as the connector between the 10 startup communities in NB - the “Provincial Voice for Entrepreneurs in New Brunswick”.

Our Mission

Develop a collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem for all of NB, with 4 main pillars:

  1. Support the development of entrepreneurs operating in NB;
  2. Strengthen the collaboration among entrepreneur and innovation support organizations throughout NB;
  3. Measure and communicate the impact of our entrepreneurial ecosystem to industry, government agencies and the general public;
  4. Build and promote the NB brand and profile of a NB-based ecosystem nationally and internationally. 

Our Core Principles

Startup NB is a volunteer entrepreneur-led organization.  Our core guiding principles are simple and clear:

  • We support our startup communities and their entrepreneurs.
  • We are inclusive.
  • We provide un-biased representation of all the organizations in our communities that support entrepreneurs. 
  • We advocate for and represent our startup communities as a unified New Brunswick voice to government and industry.

Although we have a focus on startup entrepreneurs, as they are typically at the stage where they benefit from the most support, we are also committed to supporting NB entrepreneurs throughout their journey as they scale.

What is Startup Canada?

Startup Canada is the national rallying community and voice for Canada’s 2.3 million entrepreneurs. Since launching in 2012, Startup Canada has grown to represent more than 200,000 entrepreneurs and 50 grassroots communities from coast to coast to coast.  

Through digital programs and flagship events, Startup Canada is the network promoting, inspiring, educating, connecting and giving a voice to Canada’s entrepreneurs; supporting them to start, operate and scale businesses that build a better Canada for the world today and for future generations. 

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What are Startup Communities?

Startup communities are grassroots movements that mobilize entrepreneurs and support their growth and success within a city, town, or regional area.  They are led by entrepreneurs who are passionate about growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in these communities.  

Startup community leaders and their teams are all volunteers.

In each startup community, there are organizations and people that support the development of entrepreneurs and startup companies - incubators, accelerators, co-working centres, entrepreneur hubs, academic institutions, municipal and regional economic development agencies, mentors, and investors.  This is a community’s eco-system.  

The community leaders and their teams work to connect startup entrepreneurs and the ecosystem members together, through events, programs, communications, information exchange, mentoring, and personal networking.

Community leaders also work closely with economic development agencies such as ONB and ACOA, and federal MPs, to advocate for startup entrepreneurs, and to promote and celebrate their successes.

Our Communities

The Startup NB Story

Of the 54 startup communities throughout Canada, 10 of them are in New Brunswick.  We have the highest number of startup communities of any province in Canada.

In early 2018, community leaders Norm Couturier (Fredericton) and Doug Jenkins (Saint John), along with Rivers Corbett (Startup Canada), realized an opportunity to build a NB-wide organization that could support entrepreneurs throughout NB, by way of the startup communities.  This organization’s main purpose would be to be the connector between the 10 startup communities - the “Provincial Voice for Entrepreneurs in New Brunswick”.

With that vision, Startup NB was formed.

Our Leadership Team